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  In the Alps, more than 50% of annual helicopter flight hours consist of aerial work. Sling load operation is used for transporting goods, construction work and logging.
To perform these high precision jobs, operators in all areas had been looking for cargo hook systems that exclude the risk of malfunction as well as being safe and easy to handle.
    In the past, safety locking systems to prevent hazardous opening of hooks did not exist and the helicopter had to land for changing the lifting system.
In cooperation with leading helicopter operators, Heli Hook AG designed and developed the new Quick Connect System: cargo hooks, swivels and cones.
    We meet the highest safety and industry standards. High precision in design, engineering and manufacturing define our products.
All components have undergone extensive material testing at accredited laboratories. Heli Hook's LH-60 is the first cargo hook with certification according to 2006/42/EG and EASA.
    Only after a series of successful field tests and minor adjusting, our prototypes went into production.
Every day now, our products meet the harsh environment and complex needs of helicopter missions. Pilots, ground crews and operators appreciate our high safety standard, top reliability and efficiency.








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